Sunday, 30 March 2014

This is Lao

"This is Lao".   A phrase which is rapidly becoming one of my most spoken, not far behind the commonly understood "TGIF" every single week.

I love Lao, it has so much to offer.  The people are slow to warm to you, but once they do they are some of the best people I have ever met in this world.  Their smiles warm my heart and I know that when I leave those Lao Smiles will stay in my heart forever.

Lao Smiles!

However, my life is daily filled with "This is Lao" moments.

Staff forget to tell you it's a major religious holiday and no one will come to work today....."This is Lao"

Returning to work after lunch to discover a Karaoke Party in the office...."This is Lao"


Postage ending up in opposite directions...."This is Lao"

Gift cakes, complete with swimming pools and fluorescent animals....."This is Lao"

Cows, yes, I repeat, cows, sorting through trash....."This is Lao"

Roundabouts, where you stop to let the incoming traffic on....."This is Lao"

And the list goes on...........but that's okay......."This is Lao"!