Saturday, 8 June 2013

Eating our way through Vientiane

During our orientation in Vientiane we ate - a lot! I think we tried a good selection of restaurants, mostly westernised as we let our bodies adjust to the new food. ;Based on our eating experiences I can unequivocally recommend:

  • Lao Kitchen
  • La Terasse
  • Noor Indian Restaurant -The halal Indian restaurant right down on the main road on the Mekong
  • The Chinese dumpling place, also right down on the main road on the Mekong (although if you're sensitive to MSG maybe give it a miss - I'm not super sensitive and it affected me, but given how superb the food was I would almost consider it to be worth it!)
  • Sticky fingers - especially if you need a dose of home-style food
  • Joma cafe (there are two of these, I only know the one in town)
  • Benoni cafe (pretty much next door to Joma, in town)
  • Makphet
  • Noy's fruit heaven - BEST fruit shakes! Across from Lao Kitchen. If you want to pay a bit more you can get just what you want in a shake (Gavin's fave was mango and passionfruit- YUM!)
  • Amphone
  • La provincial
Interesting choices at a local Korean restaurant.....

I almost forgot - for the best Pho in Vientiane - Pho Dung! On the same street as Lao Kitchen - it's the closest you'll get to fast food, big steaming wonderful bowls brought out in a matter of seconds!

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  1. aha, I was wondering how you are doing and i see what you are doing... eating!!! Thats an impressive list of restaurants you have already sampled, I can see why you moved to Laos :) hx